Meet Dr. Ellen

Dr. Ellen was born and raised in Lakeville, MN and is proud to be serving equestrians in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Wisconsin River Falls (UWRF). During Dr. Ellen's last year at UWRF, she had a nasty fall off of her young horse which resulted in a serious concussion. Going through the medical system she came out with a prescription for pain meds and instructions to lay low and "take it easy". This helped initially, but after six months she noticed continued blurred vision and constant headaches that forced her to miss classes frequently. This is when Dr. Ellen was referred by a friend to a local chiropractor. Through consistent chiropractic care, Ellen was able to be medication and migraine free, plus she even graduated on time! This was the deciding factor that after graduating from undergrad, she was going to go on to chiropractic college. Dr. Ellen attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington and received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree with a specialty in the Gonstead System.

Not only is Dr. Ellen passionate about the nervous system, but she is also passionate about horses and being an equestrian. Dr. Ellen has been riding horses for twenty years and over that time she has suffered from injuries that many equestrians can relate to including concussions, migraines, back pain, etc. Not only has she found relief from these injuries with chiropractic care, she also noticed a deeper, stronger bond between her and her horse. Thanks to this discovery, Dr. Ellen has made it her goal to share this knowledge with other equestrians so that they, too can experience a deeper level of connectedness with their own horse.

Dr. Ellen owns a Morgan gelding named Vik who has brought her so much joy over the years. She bought Vik when he was 3 and together they have taught each other very valuable lessons. Vik was the first green horse that Ellen trained and she chalks up her success with him to her properly functioning nervous system and healthy spine.